Monday, November 28, 2016

Bound by Temptation Review

Title:  Bound By Temptation
Series:  Bound By #2
Author:  Trish McCallan
Publisher:  Trish McCallan Inc.
Buy Link:  Amazon

My Rating:  3.5 Humorous, Sexy 's

Bound By Temptation is a 175 page novella (estimated) set in my Red-Hot SEALs world. 

Dumped and disillusioned… 

Emma Janssen’s perennial good luck has run dry... 
First there’s the weekend of heated sensuality she’d shared with Lucas Trammel, followed by three months of humiliating silence. And then there’s her testy new home, which is slowly nickel-and-diming her to death. Add in a band of ruthless killers hot on her tail, and her perfect life is in a nasty meltdown. Even so, the very last thing she needs is Lucas racing to her rescue. She’d given the man her love once and he’d abandoned her. She’s not about to let him close enough to hook her heart for a second time. 

Deadly and dangerous… 

Lucas has been lying to Emma for years… 
As a special operator with ST7, life has taught Lucas to hold his Navy credentials close to his ballistics vest. It doesn’t pay to let civilians know what he does for a living. When one hot as hell weekend threatens to become more than a three-night stand, Lucas takes a giant step back. Emma is the kind of woman a man marries. But she’s a civilian. Civilians and black ops don’t mix. So he bails on her. He’s convinced he’d made the right call…until he finds out she’s in danger. The thought of a world without Emma? Wasn’t going to happen, even if that means kidnapping her himself. 

Driven and Desperate… 

Injured pride is all good and well until it gets you killed... 
Emma isn’t stupid. After narrowly escaping an abduction thanks to Lucas’s timely intervention, she accepts his protection. But as the days drag on, and their passion rekindles she finds herself fighting two battles—one against the unidentified killers intent on taking her life, and one against the sexy Navy SEAL determined to steal back her heart. 

After an erotic, sex-filled weekend together that promised to develop into something more, Lucas decides to take a step back from Emma. She's too tempting, too delicious, too deserving of a better life than he can give her as a SEAL. The temptation to call her is removed when his team is deployed. Emma felt certain she would hear from the hot, gorgeous Lucas after spending a weekend in his king-sized bed. But her phone didn't ring, and her calls were not returned. To add injury to insult, the new home she purchased on impulse isn't all it was advertised to be. And now, someone has broken in and ransacked it, destroying everything in the process. Nothing was stolen so what were they looking for? A friend of Lucas's is the investigating cop and when he suspects Emma's life is in danger, he calls Lucas who is now back in town. Sparks fly when Lucas rides in to save Emma and thus the fun begins.

Sexy banter, laugh out loud moments - a toothless dog rescued from the pound as a guard dog - car chases, suspense, romance - it all adds up to a fun-filled yet romantic read with a couple who must come face-to-face with the reality of losing it all before they wake up and smell the coffee. Short on pages, but another Must Read!

My Rating:  3.5 Humorous, Sexy 's . . . And that's the truth!

Cross My Heart . . . xxx


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