Work in Progress

Sharing My Story:

I am, at heart, a storyteller, a writer, a reader.  I'm finally at a place and time in my life to make writing one of my priorities and am closer than ever to having a book ready to place in the hands of readers.

I'm currently working on a romance/suspense novel with what some might consider a hint of paranormal.  My blog banner is designed as a teaser for my book.

 It's been eight years since Maggie last walked on the red clay dirt of home.  Eight long years since she left, vowing hell would freeze over before she returned.  Eight years since she last saw him.  It seems hell has finally frozen over because Maggie has returned to her home in the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina.  She's out of luck . . . out of hope . . . out of time.  He's watching . . .

Excerpt coming soon . . .

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