Tuesday, September 1, 2015

IWSG: Time Flies . . .

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Time Flies . . .And Waits For No One!

Is it really September 1st?  Four months remaining in 2015?  Are you kidding me?!  It's absolutely spooky how fast time flies.  I remember celebrating the new year, lamenting the bitter cold of winter that lingered way too long, and basking in the warmth of spring when she finally appeared.  I remember spring  turning into the long, hot, humid days of summer way too soon.  And while it's still very hot here in the South, I know the first few cool days of Fall are just around the corner.  
Can I turn back the clock?

As sure as the sun rises every morning, time is marching on.  And it's definitely not waiting on me to finish my current book in progress.  It's a bit scary when I realize how fast time slips by.  A day, a week, a month . . .it's gone in a heartbeat.  I want to scream No . . .Slow down!  But Father Time isn't listening, doesn't care.

It's frustrating for me as I began the year with high hopes of being ready to publish my current work in progress in 2015. I feel like I should be finished and yet, I'm not.  I want to type The End but I'm not there yet.  I've tried to write consistently, and after spending way too much time stuck in the middle, I'm once again moving forward.  (Have you ever been stuck there?)  So, other than lost time trying to fight my way out of the mental middle roadblock, I'm content with having met several of my goals, including sticking with my writing schedule.  I simply need more time (there's that word again).

I've always heard time flies when you're having fun, and I know it does.  But it also flies while you have your back turned, while you're dealing with the many trials & tribulations of day to day living, while you're finding your way around all the roadblocks (whether real or imagined).  

Am I the only one who thinks 2015 is flying by?  Have you accomplished your writing goals this year?  One thing is certain - Time Flies!