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Author Showcase featuring C.M.J. Wallace

Please join me in welcoming C.M.J. Wallace, author of the epic fantasy series- RIFT,  to my Author Showcase.  I am delighted to showcase this amazing author and her books in my blog.  The first 3 books of this series, Sing The Midnight Stars, Flight of Shadows, and This Darkling Magic are available now from Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes and Noble.  This Darkling Magic was recently named one of the top ten Indie Author books of the week on Indie Author Land.  Book 4, The Strange Magic, is due out in the Fall of 2013.


Tell us about C.M.J. Wallace... 

I’ve always had a love for language. I started reading at a very young age, about three years old, because I come from a family of readers. When I was a kid, every month we received two volumes of The Happy Hollisters in the mail, and fights in our house were over who got to read them first. My dad always won. Yep, my dad. I’m a freelance medical editor (my love for language carried right through, so I was doomed to a profession related to it, I suppose). People usually get a vague, puzzled look in their eyes when I tell them what I do for a living, so for those who really, really want to know what a medical editor does, this is it in a nutshell: I edit articles written by physicians for medical journals. I live in Oklahoma but yearn for Hawaii. Someday…

What first inspired you to write books?
I started writing pirate stories back in the days of The Happy Hollisters. The genres aren’t related, but there you go. Then life got in the way and I didn’t write anything for many years, except for college term papers. About twenty years ago, I started writing books because I really admire Stephen R. Donaldson’s writing style and felt that I could emulate it and tell stories of my own. I can’t pinpoint my reasons for writing any more accurately than that. But maybe that’s enough.

Why do you write Fantasy novels?  Do you see yourself writing any other genre of fiction? 
I write fantasy because I’m lazy and don’t like to do research. (Okay, not really.) I like having the freedom to make anything happen, anything at all. The real world is constraining to me as a writer, often not as interesting as worlds people create (let’s face it, though: some of those, particularly the dystopian ones, are pretty hideous). I actually have two novels started that are suspense/thriller and have begun the rudiments of a third along those lines, but I’m not sure whether I’ll finish them. I want to bring the Rift series to a conclusion first, and it keeps stubbornly insisting that it’s not done.

Where did you find ideas and inspiration for the RIFT series?
Everything in my books comes straight out of my head. I couldn’t say how much I’ve been influenced by what I’ve read during the years, but no doubt some subliminal prodding has taken place. 

Tell us about the RIFT series...

 My newest book, This Darkling Magic, is part 3 of my Rift series. Sing the Midnight Stars and Flight of Shadows are books 1 and 2, respectively, and book 4 is called This Strange Magic. I hope to publish the latter sometime in the fall.

Because each of the first two books is a cliff-hanger (not by design; it was just too darned big to be a single book), as is the third, I can’t go into much detail about This Darkling Magic without introducing spoilers. But I’ll tell you a bit about the first ones and then tiptoe around the workings of the third.

Part of the synopsis of Sing the Midnight Stars sums up the content of the first four books: A cold-blooded killer lusts for others’ magic. A drug-addicted detective vows to thwart him. Dragged into a dangerous murder investigation, Andrin Sethuel alone stands between the killer’s murderous desires and his future victims’ salvation, the Torvian kingdom’s freedom and its enslavement.

In Flight of Shadows, Andrin continues tracking the killer as the enemy occupies Torvia with the blessing of its king and all but conquers the country by law and edict. But the king is sinking into madness, and when he agrees to a tribute of his subjects to the emperor, the prince knows the time has come for him to overthrow his father—and a subversive sect within the kingdom decides the time has come to kill the prince and Andrin. The Torvian resistance strikes and war breaks out, pitting Torvians against their traditional enemy and one another, ripping loyalties apart. In the face of his country’s downfall, Andrin finds that his fate has become intertwined with that of a creature called Rift, which after centuries of sorcerous imprisonment has been released to stalk him, hurtling him toward a destiny that could destroy him.

This Darkling Magic resumes the tale. Magic is failing because of a necromancer’s necrotic influence. Consequently, an unlikely alliance is born, its goal the destruction of the sorceress. Although she’s bound by enchantment, her necromancy, enhanced by the spirits of the dead she harbors and commands, confers on her the power to kill all those who bear a certain sigil and gives her the might to bring the Torvian kingdom to an end.

Tell us three reasons why readers will love this series...

I’ll let my reviewers tell you why readers will love Sing the Midnight Stars:

“Wow! A fascinating world and excellent writing. A joy for anyone looking for an intelligent and unique fantasy story…. What sets this book apart from so many others is the intrigue…and there is shiploads of it….”

I just finished this book and I am thoroughly impressed with C.M.J. Wallace's rich language and intriguing storylines. I was immediately drawn into the world of Carvel and with each page became more entrenched in the plot.

If you enjoy masterful writing, complex characters and plots that twist and turn, read the Rift series beginning with the first book, Sing the Midnight Stars. You will definitely not be disappointed!

What's next for C.M.J. Wallace?

As I alluded to before, I’m embroiled in writing book 5 of the Rift series, and I’m also outlining book 6. That may be it; but then, when I began writing Sing the Midnight Stars I thought it was going to be a single book....
And there you have it…so far. To avoid bewilderment and the sure consternation that follows from being plunked down smack-dab in the middle of something you really needed some context for, you should read the series in sequence, starting with Sing the Midnight Stars.

Thank you, C.M.J. Wallace, for a great interview and insight into your world and the world of RIFT!  Following is my review of the first book in the series, Sing The Midnight Stars.  I will say now, I loved it and I haven't always been a fan of fantasy.  These books are a must read!  You can find C.M.J. Wallace on her website at cmjwallace.comand on Goodreads and Facebook.

My Review:  Sing The Midnight Stars

One of the best Fantasy books I've ever read! C.M.J. Wallace has created an intriguing, mysterious, magical world of incredible depth with a complicated, deeply entwined plot. Sing The Midnight Stars is Book 1 of her incredible Rift series. She weaves her story with beautiful writing giving birth to believable yet mysterious, magic filled characters who live in this magnificent world of magic, suspense, murder, deceit and betrayal. Andrin Sethuel is head of the Torvian Kingdom Criminal Investigation unit. He is racing against time to discover the identity of a killer who is stealing the magic from his victims augmenting his own magic to unprecedented levels. Adding to the mayhem is a mad, crazy King and an impending invasion and takeover of Carvel by an evil Emperor of another land. With a vivid imagination, C.M.J. Wallace has created a world where an extensive cast of magical characters live and die by both magic and sword. This is a series that must be read in order as each book is a continuation of the one before it.  I wasn't sure I would like this book. I'm happy to say, I loved it!  

Rating: 5 Gorgeous ♥♥♥♥♥'s...And that's the truth!

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Weekly Musings...

Hi!  Welcome to Weekly Musings.  Wow...Another week has passed and July will slip into August in a few days.  We're definitely into the dog days of summer - very hot, steamy, muggy here in the South.  This week I finished rereading Naked In Death - Book 1 of J.D. Robb's In Death series.  For fans of romance/suspense, I highly recommend this series..close to 50 books and counting and every single one of them is not only worth reading - they're worth rereading over and over again!  I read and discussed Naked In Death as part of a buddy read with friends in my Goodread's group, J.D. Robb.  I had so much fun talking about this book with a great group of fans who love this series as I do.  I'm amazed at the little things different readers brought to our attention that I apparently had forgotten or missed the first 3 or 4 times I read it.  I find discussing books like this with others as I read to be mentally stimulating and challenging as well as so enjoyable.  We will continue our slow stroll through this series by reading Book 2, Glory In Death, starting around August 1st.  You can join in our buddy read and discussions by joining the J.D. Robb group on Goodreads.

I am anxiously waiting July 30th and the release of Book 4 of The Original Sinners - The Mistress.  I'm not making any other plans for that day as I know I will be totally consumed by this book.  I'm praying for a happy ending for all!!  Join me next week with Weekly Musings as I anticipate talking about The Mistress!

Please give a shout out and thank you to Giulia @ My Devastating Reads for hosting Weekly Musings.

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Cowgirl Up & Ride Book Review


...Ridin' the edge of lust is fun—until someone falls in love.

Goody-two boots AJ Foster has waited her entire life for her dream cowboy Cord McKay to see her as more than the neighbor girl in pigtails. Now that she’s old enough to stake her claim on him, she’s pulling out all the sexual stops and riding hell-bent for leather—straight for his libido.
Divorced rancher Cord has sworn off all women…until innocent AJ suggests he teach her how to ride bareback—and he realizes she doesn’t mean horses or bulls. Between his responsibilities running his massive ranch, missing his young son and dealing with the sexual shenanigans of his brother and cousins, Cord is more than willing to take AJ up on her offer. On a trial basis.
The fun and games tie them both up in knots. AJ isn’t willing to settle for less than the whole shootin' match with her western knight. But for Cord, even though the sexy cowgirl sets his blood ablaze, he’s determined to resist her efforts to lasso his battered heart.  Sweet, determined AJ has the power to heal—or heel—the gruff cowboy…unless Cord’s pride keeps him from admitting their relationship is more than a simple roll in the hay.

Warning: This book contains: raunchy sex scenes that’ll work you into a lather faster than a winded horse, graphic language, resourceful use of baling twine, ménage a trois, ménage a quatage, and yippee! hot nekkid lovin'.

My Review

Cowgirl Up & Ride, Book 3 in Lorelei James Rough Riders series, delivers the story of Cord McKay and Amy Jo Foster (AJ).  AJ has been in love with Cord most of her life.  Cord has always seen 22 year old AJ as his sister's little friend.  Cord, in his 30's, is divorced with custody of his young son and a family ranch to run.  He is a sexy, domineering, alpha male leaning heavily to the Dom side with a wall around his heart that he has no intention of ever letting a woman penetrate again.  One night, at a local bar, Cord watches as a very sexy, grown up AJ struts her stuff in a mini skirt, flirting and dancing with every cowboy in the joint - every cowboy but him.  Cord finally finds he can't stand to watch anymore and has to put his hands on AJ.  He is surprised when AJ propositions him and shocked speechless to learn what a gift she is offering him.  In fact, she is begging him to take her and teach her about sex, no strings attached.  What else can Cord do but agree with stipulations...No dating - just no holds barred sex every night, no one can know about them, and it's over when Cord's son returns home and AJ returns to school to finish her last semester.  Cord is really surprised when AJ agrees to his terms.  Little does he know, she has an ulterior motive.  Thus begins an affair that sets the sheets and both their hearts ablaze.  AJ is determined to win Cord's love and heart permanently, while Cord fights his growing feelings and love for AJ every step of the way.  This is a great book about desire, guilt, responsibilities, sex, and love that also gives some insight and backstory into both character's families.  Cord and AJ have demons of their own to battle.  I loved this book.  Cord and AJ are two of my favorite characters in the Rough Rider's series.

Rating 4 beautiful  ♥♥♥♥'s...And that's the truth

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He growled, "What game are you playin' with me, little girl?"  
AJ stood on the tips of her boots.  
"I haven't been a little girl for a long time, Cord McKay!"  
"Believe me, I noticed." 
"About damn time."
♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥ 
"What I know about sex is what I've seen in the barnyard."
"That's it?"
"Well, that and some porn."
♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥
"Jesus.  You should see your eyes."
"Do they look scared?  I don't know how to tell you this, Cord, but I don't think this is gonna fit in me."
He laughed softly.  "Oh, it'll fit.  It'll be the perfect fit, trust me."
♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥
"You like this.  My sweet angel has a devilish streak, huh?"
"Good to know.  'Cause you're dealin' with the devil himself right now, baby doll."

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Comin' Attractions...

I'm excited to host an interview with C.M.J. Wallace, author of the epic fantasy series - RIFT, on August 1, 2013.  The first 3 books of this series are available now from Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes and Noble.  The 3rd book, This Darkling Magic, was recently named one of the top ten Indie Author books of the week on Indie Author Land.  Book 4, The Strange Magic, is due out in the Fall of 2013.

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Weekly Musings

Welcome to another posting of Weekly Musings.  It's been another extremely hot week in North Carolina.  Again, this week, I  found myself staying up late reading book after book.  In my post of Weekly Musings last week, I talked about the challenging time I was having reviewing The Siren by Tiffany Reisz.  I finally managed to write and post that review.  I would like to say thanks to those of you who commented on it.  It's always a good feeling to know that someone likes and appreciates my reviews.  Funny that, again this week, I find myself struggling to write reviews for both The Angel and The Prince - Books 2 & 3 which are sequels to The Siren.  These are the most tense, angst filled, complex books that I have ever read.  Tiffany Reisz has a writing style and a way with words that keeps me glued to her books.  I loved both of these sequels and am on pins and needles waiting on the 4th book and final chapter to this story, The Mistress.  That book will be released on July 30th.  I know what I will be doing that day!

I took a day this week and spent it with a friend browsing through bookstores - both used and new.  I picked up some books from  authors I haven't read before like Lisa Kleypas and Nalini Singh.  These authors are favorites with several of my friends so I'm adding them to my ever growing TBR list!  I also picked up some books by a couple of my favorite authors like J.D. Robb.  I'm trying to complete a collection of the In Death series in paperback.  I currently have them on my Kindle.  I scored some great deals and enjoyed the day with a good friend.

Many thanks to Giulia @ My Devastating Reads for hosting Weekly Musings.  Giulia currently has some giveaways going on at her blog.  Make a point to hop over and enter for a chance to win.  Have a good week.  I know I will.

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Sweet Lenora Book Review


Lenora Brewer’s family owns the largest shipyard in Salem Massachusetts and Lenora, as her father’s only living child, is given free rein to learn the business. When Lenora’s father is killed in a carriage accident, her relatives arrange a marriage to a wealthy investor who is rumored to have beaten his first wife to death. Lenora devises a scheme to stowaway on The Sweet Lenora, a ship named for her.
The last thing Anton Boudreaux needs is a naïve young woman stowing away on his ship. The dark and daring captain has secrets of his own to protect.
When Sweet Lenora encounters a dangerous storm off the coast of Brazil, Lenora and Anton find in each other the courage and tenacity to brave the elements. As their love for one another grows it becomes a force to be reckoned with—and it will be sorely tested.


Sweet Lenora (Dark Heroes Series) is a novella of only 90 pages. While I enjoyed this story, I felt it was just too short with events happening too quickly. I wanted more time for the story to unfold. Sweet Lenora is well written but would have greatly benefited, IMO, from a longer timeline. Leonora is bereaved after the sudden death of her father who was the wealthy owner of a shipyard in Salem, Massachusetts. She will inherit a fortune upon the day of her marriage. When she is betrothed to an older, cruel man seeking control of her fortune, she stows away on a ship named for her - Sweet Lenora. Anton Boudrereaux is a daring rogue of a captain with secrets of his own to hide. Leonora is quickly discovered in her hiding place on the ship and threatened by the crew, raging seas, and her immediate, overwhelming attraction to the captain of her namesake ship. Anton and Lenora pursue a journey that sees them facing many obstacles to their growing love for one another and to their own safety. Sweet Lenora is a good story that I enjoyed reading. I would have liked to see the story expanded wherein the character development and story plot line would not have felt so rushed. It is, however; a good, fast read. 

Rating:  3 pretty ♥♥♥'s...And that's the truth!

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The Siren Book Review

Title:  The Siren
Series:  Original Sinners:  The Red Years #1
Author:  Tiffany Reisz
Published:  July 24, 2012 by Mira

My Rating:  4.5 Mind-Blowing 's


Notorious Nora Sutherlin is famous for her delicious works of erotica, each one more popular with readers than the last. But her latest manuscript is different—more serious, more personal—and she's sure it'll be her breakout book...if it ever sees the light of day.

Zachary Easton holds Nora's fate in his well-manicured hands. The demanding British editor agrees to handle the book on one condition: he wants complete control. Nora must rewrite the entire novel to his exacting standards—in six weeks—or it's no deal.

Nora's grueling writing sessions with Zach are draining…and shockingly arousing. And a dangerous former lover has her wondering which is more torturous—staying away from him...or returning to his bed?

Nora thought she knew everything about being pushed to your limits. But in a world where passion is pain, nothing is ever that simple.

My Review 

Let me start by saying I finished reading The Siren a few days ago and still can't get it out of my mind.  It is an extremely complex novel exploring some very dark, harsh, and generally considered taboo subjects including BDSM, pain & passion, and borderline rape.  Readers Beware:  This is not your typical HEA romance novel.  In fact, romance has little to nothing to do with this story nor does it have a typical one hero/one heroine character plotline.  This is one of those books that defies description and refuses to be put in a neat little box.  It's a story that is at times very hard to read and yet, at other times, is very touching with very sweet, amusing, heart touching moments.

Eleanor (Nora) Sutherlin serves as our heroine although I use the term loosely.  She is an erotica writer during the day and a merciless Dominatrix at night who has left the man she has a love/hate relationship with...a relationship in which she is the submissive.  Nora is a Switch.  The Siren introduces us to all the many sides of her and to the men who will love and leave her and to whom she is destined to touch, changing their lives irrevocably.  I found Nora to be funny, witty, smart, and yet very fragile and childlike, a gypsy who is searching for her way and place in life.  I also found Nora to be strong, merciless, unforgiving, domineering, a masochist - both physically and mentally.  She loves to receive as well as give pain.  She needs it like she needs air to breathe.

Zach is a British editor living in New York after leaving his wife in London.  He loves and needs his wife but is guilt ridden and doesn't feel deserving of her so he refuses to reach out to her.  He is stuffy, inhibited, troubled and yet sexy.  Zac and Nora meet when he agrees to edit her book.  This begins a relationship filled with banter and sexual tension with Nora being the aggressor.  She is brazen, relentless, and determined to break open Zach's shell and help release his guilt and passion.

Wes is an innocent, 19 year old virgin college student living with Nora.  He is in love with her but refuses her sexual advances preferring to save himself for someone that can love and care for him.  Nora is dependent on Wes and will do anything to keep him with her - anything, even agreeing to never go back to the man she loves, but left 4 years prior - her Dom, Soren.

Soren is a dark, scary, complex man with shocking secrets including the fact he is a Dominant who loves Nora and is waiting for her to return to him.  He is sadistic, hard, strong, and gets off on giving severe, harsh pain.  Soren met Nora when she was a young, innocent girl and he waited until she turned twenty to take her virginity and introduce her to his version of heaven...or hell.

The Siren is indeed a dark, shocking novel that haunts me still, days after I turned the last page.  It made me uncomfortable and even angry, it made me cry and hurt, it made me wonder WTH?, but it also made me laugh and think and wonder why.  It also touched my heart and left me wanting more.  The sequel, The Angel, continues the story and is definitely on my TBR soon list.  The Siren is:  Not for the faint of heart, Not an easy story to read, Not a romance with the typical HEA, but it is A Must Read for anyone looking for a complex, well written, haunting story that you will remember always.

Rating:  4.5 Beautiful  ♥♥♥♥'s...And that's the truth!

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Fav Quote: 

"Eleanor, there are suicide bombers on the Gaza Strip who are less dangerous than you are."


Weekly Musings

 Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hi!  Welcome to the weekend, and my first post in Weekly Musings.  It's raining yet again in North Carolina but the weatherman promises brighter, drier weather is on the way next week.  I remain cautiously optimistic as it has rained here daily for weeks.

Reflecting on this week, I realize I burned a lot of midnight oil reading books for reviews, challenges, Buddy Reads and pleasure.  I am currently reading two ARC books that I will post a review for soon.  Thank you to those authors for trusting me with your new soon to be released books. 

One of the books I finished this week is The Siren by Tiffany Reisz.  I have not yet been able to get the right words on paper to review this dark, complex novel.  I continue to be haunted and consumed by it even days after finishing the book.  Hmmmm...That's one of my criteria for a perfect read.  One thing's for sure, it not your typical romance book!

I now find myself faced with the challenge of prioritizing my time and getting settled into a schedule that will work for me and my family.  I am enjoying the opportunity to read and review books for you.  My goal is to always write reviews that are not only informative but also fun for you to read while giving you my honest opinion and rating on each and every book.  My wish is that my reviews help you choose your next great read!
Many thanks to Giulia at for hosting Weekly Musings.

Enjoy the coming week!  I will...

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Redneck Romeo Book Review


The last McKay standing is knocked to his knees…
Rough Riders, Book 15
Three years ago, Dalton McKay looked across the altar and saw the woman he knew he’d love for the rest of his life…only it wasn’t his bride. That’s when he took the McKays’ love-’em-and-leave-’em reputation to new heights—fleeing the ceremony and Wyoming.
Now a family issue has brought Dalton back to Sundance, giving him a chance to prove to everyone—especially the woman he thought he lost—that he’s a changed man.
Aurora “Rory” Wetzler has fallen for cowboy hottie Dalton’s smooth-talkin’ ways too many times. So he’s determined to convince her he’s playing for keeps this go around? Fine. She’ll call that bluff—she can’t ignore their intense chemistry or resist smokin’ hot sex, but she’s not willing to gamble her heart again.
Dalton has plenty of fences to mend with the McKays, but his biggest fear is that Rory doesn’t believe they have a future. He’ll have to pull out all the stops to show her they belong together for the long haul.
Warning: Contains a sexy cowboy who tames his sassy lady love with his romantic and his kinky side. In explicit detail.

My Review...

Redneck Romeo is an emotional roller coaster ride that will make you laugh, swear, sigh, cry, and dream of having a man like Dalton McKay in your bed.  In book #15 of the Rough Riders series, we finally get Dalton's story.  He is the loner of the McKay clan - never quite fitting in with the rest of the family, hiding some dark secrets from his past that haunt him, and force him to leave the only woman he has ever loved - Rory.  Dalton has a reputation for fighting hard and loving harder.  Everyone in Sundance knows Dalton McKay is not the staying kind.  He proved it three years ago when he left his fiance, the town sweetheart, standing at the alter.  No one knows this better than Rory.  Three times Rory has given in to Dalton...three times he took her to bed and then left her.  Rory has vowed never again.  This time, she will do the loving and leaving.  Never again will she let him close enough to hurt her as she vows to never trust him again.  When Dalton is called back to town by a family emergency, his quest to win Rory's trust and love begins.  He has to prove to her, his family, and the town that he has changed and face his demons before he can move forward to the future he desperately wants.  Great story about trust, love, family, acceptance, and, oh yes, lots of hot sex!  A must read for lovers of the Rough Riders series...loved it!

Rating:  4 Beautiful ♥♥♥♥'s...And that's the truth!

Cross My,

Fav Quotes...

"...Here I am, standing in front of you.  And, honest to God, you are so beautiful I can't think straight."
♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥

"Rory," he murmured in her ear.  "Have me for lunch."
♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥

"What are you thinking about, Jungle Girl?"  
"Underwear," she blurted.  "Whether you wear boxers or briefs."
♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥

Dalton made that growling noise.  "How long you been walkin' around wearing that outfit?"
"Some. Why?"
"Because you are smokin' hot.  Jesus, woman.  You're making me lose my train of thought."

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Forged In Steele Book Review


The Kelly Group International (KGI): A super-elite, top secret, family-run business.
Qualifications: High intelligence, rock-hard body, military background.
Mission: Hostage/kidnap victim recovery. Intelligence gathering. Handling jobs the U.S. government can’t…

Steele, a KGI team leader, is an enigma not even his team mates understand. His emotions are tightly locked down and nothing can break that icy exterior. Nothing except Maren Scofield, a doctor on a mission, a woman who has gotten under Steele’s skin and threatens to crack that unflappable cool he’s legendary for.

Steele is determined not to allow Maren past his carefully guarded defenses, but when she’s in danger, there’s no way he’ll allow anyone else to protect her. She’s hiding something. He’s sure of it. But he isn’t prepared for the shocking discovery her secrets reveal. Or how they will forever alter the course of his destiny. He has a decision to make. Hold tight and shut her out. Or take a chance on something more powerful than he’s ever faced. Love.

My Review...

Jackson Steele aka The Iceman...more machine than's rumored no one has ever seen him smile.  I have been waiting for Steele's story and I loved it!  Steele is the leader of one of KGI's undercover groups.  When one of his team members is hurt while on a mission, Steele is forced to take him to see Dr. Maren Scofield who runs a clinic in Costa Rica.  Steele avoids Maren as much as possible because he is so attracted to her and that's one itch he has no intention of scratching!  As circumstances force them together, Steele decides that one night of sex will rid him of his insane attraction.  After a second night, he is hooked for good and so is Maren.  When a KGI mission forces Steele to leave her before they can talk about a future together, Maren is kidnapped by a crazy rich man who is obsessed with her.  He takes her and disappears from the country to parts unknown.  And so the story begins.  Both Steele and Maren are forced to face and come to terms with some truths in this book that change their lives forever.  Seeing Steele brought to his knees by a woman makes it worth the read.  For past readers of the KGI series, Titan makes another appearance in this book which I loved.  Action, sex, love, romance - this book has it all!  The KGI series is one of the best romance suspense series out today.  A must read!

Rating:  4 Beautiful ♥♥♥♥'s...And that's the truth...
Cross My,