Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sweet Lenora Book Review


Lenora Brewer’s family owns the largest shipyard in Salem Massachusetts and Lenora, as her father’s only living child, is given free rein to learn the business. When Lenora’s father is killed in a carriage accident, her relatives arrange a marriage to a wealthy investor who is rumored to have beaten his first wife to death. Lenora devises a scheme to stowaway on The Sweet Lenora, a ship named for her.
The last thing Anton Boudreaux needs is a naïve young woman stowing away on his ship. The dark and daring captain has secrets of his own to protect.
When Sweet Lenora encounters a dangerous storm off the coast of Brazil, Lenora and Anton find in each other the courage and tenacity to brave the elements. As their love for one another grows it becomes a force to be reckoned with—and it will be sorely tested.


Sweet Lenora (Dark Heroes Series) is a novella of only 90 pages. While I enjoyed this story, I felt it was just too short with events happening too quickly. I wanted more time for the story to unfold. Sweet Lenora is well written but would have greatly benefited, IMO, from a longer timeline. Leonora is bereaved after the sudden death of her father who was the wealthy owner of a shipyard in Salem, Massachusetts. She will inherit a fortune upon the day of her marriage. When she is betrothed to an older, cruel man seeking control of her fortune, she stows away on a ship named for her - Sweet Lenora. Anton Boudrereaux is a daring rogue of a captain with secrets of his own to hide. Leonora is quickly discovered in her hiding place on the ship and threatened by the crew, raging seas, and her immediate, overwhelming attraction to the captain of her namesake ship. Anton and Lenora pursue a journey that sees them facing many obstacles to their growing love for one another and to their own safety. Sweet Lenora is a good story that I enjoyed reading. I would have liked to see the story expanded wherein the character development and story plot line would not have felt so rushed. It is, however; a good, fast read. 

Rating:  3 pretty ♥♥♥'s...And that's the truth!

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