Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A Stone Kissed Sea Review

Title:  A Stone Kissed Sea
Series:  Elemental World #4
Author:  Elizabeth Hunter
Release Date:  Dec. 6, 2016
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My Rating:  5 Epic, Magical 's

Many thanks to the author for an arc of this book.

An immortal wanderer. A brilliant scientist. A centuries-old menace written in blood. 

Lucien Thrax, son of the earth and child of the ancients, is a healer of immense power. But years of work on a deadly vampire virus have not led to a cure, nor have they softened the wall he built around his heart. When he’s forced to work with Doctor Makeda Abel, Lucien is convinced he’s reached his limit of patience with humanity. 

Makeda Abel may be human, but she’s far from impressed with the brooding vampire healer, even if his mind draws her reluctant admiration. She’s learned how to survive in the immortal world, and it’s not by being afraid. Working together may lead them to answers, but it also pushes Lucien and Makeda’s attraction to the boiling point. 

When nightmares become reality, Makeda will have to trust Lucien with her life. Finding answers has never been more vital. Finding love has never been more deadly. To heal the Elemental World, Lucien and Makeda must follow ancient paths and ask for help from the most inhuman of immortals. Because even with a cure in hand, the battle has only begun.


Once again, Hunter has gifted readers with an epic tale, beautifully orchestrated and rich in details.  One in which the landscape becomes a living, breathing character, carrying the reader on a magic carpet ride through faraway lands where all the elements of nature intertwine and become as one.  Complex, almost mythical characters and intricate plot lines are flawlessly woven with the landscape, fleshing out this epic paranormal fantasy.

The Elemental World story arc continues as Lucien, earth vampire, is joined by Makeda Abel, a blood specialist, in a battle against time and unknown enemies to find both the source and a cure for the virus Elixir as it ravages both human and immortals.  Both resent the chemistry sparking between them and turn to mental sparring as a weapon against emotions raging out of control in a classic love/hate relationship.  A devastating event occurs early in the story that will forever change their lives as well as their fate.  Realizing that they're losing the race against the clock, they align paths and begin a quest for answers. I won't elaborate more on the story as it simply must be experienced firsthand.

A Stone Kissed Sea is a beautifully written story rich in imagery and characterizations that will carry you away to another place and time.  While part of the overall Elemental World story arc, Hunter incorporates sufficient background information for it to be read as a standalone - although reading previous books will be high on your list upon finishing this one!  Magical, passionate, and suspenseful, A Stone Kissed Sea is another Page Burning Must Read by Elizabeth Hunter!

My Rating:  5 Epic, Magical 's . . . And that's the truth!

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  1. I do love a complex story that has well written details!! This sounds just wonderful. Great review.

  2. Hunter excels in rich, vivid details and complex characters and plotlines. Wonderful read!