Thursday, November 3, 2016

Aden (Vampires In America #7) Review

Title:  Aden
Series:  Vampires in America #7
Author:  D.B. Reynolds
Publisher:  Imajinn Books
Released Date:  Nov. 26, 2013
Buy Link:  Amazon

My Rating:  5 Dark, Damaged, Dominant, "Yes Please!" 's

She was seeking revenge. What she found was a vampire who swept her into the darkest depths of passion.

Chicago, Illinois... the windy city. Home to football greats, dinosaurs named Sue, and, when the sun goes down... powerful vampires battling for the right to rule the city and beyond.

Born into slavery, Aden is one of the most powerful vampires in North America, waging war on others of his kind in a struggle to become the next Lord of the Midwest. But in the midst of the deadliest fight of his long life, the ghosts of his past have come back to haunt him. Slavery still exists, and Aden is hellbent on destroying it and the vampires who profit from it.

Sidonie Reid is an investigative reporter in pursuit of the biggest story of her career, until that story costs the life of a friend and Sid realizes she has to do much more than write about it. Intent on bringing down the vampires and their slave network, Sid gains entry to the highest levels of vampire society, where she finds herself confronting the raw sexuality that is Aden.

Caught up in a dark passion that neither can resist, Aden and Sidonie join forces, determined to defeat the old regime and everything it stands for. The dangers are beyond calculation, but the ultimate reward is worth the risk. If they survive...


With each Vampires In America book, I think they just can't possibly get any better. Wrong! I enjoyed this series in the beginning, but the last couple of books have just blown me away. I keep expecting to get tired of bossy, dark, baggage toting, alpha vampires, but let me tell you - it just ain't happening. Aden is absolutely magnificent in this book as he battles all competitors for the title of Lord of the Midwest territory. Big, bad*ass, dark, but melt your panties gorgeous - he is one stone cold, powerful dude. I really loved getting his heartbreaking backstory in "real-time" through his flashbacks. But, it seems Aden's come up against a raging force to be reckoned with in Sidonie Reid, a human investigative reporter out to revenge her friend's death at the hands of slave/sex traffickers. She believes vampires are behind the sex ring, and nothing and no one - not even the soon-to-be Lord Aden - will stop her from seeking vengeance. When these two meet in one of the vampire blood clubs, sparks fly as both are shocked to feel such an intense physical attraction radiating between them. As the story unfolds, this couple goes toe-to-toe in a dance in which Sid holds her own, often defying Aden who is most certainly not accustomed to being told "No". Both are strong, stubborn, and determined to "lead" this dance while guarding their heart and refusing to lose. They make a formidable team in both battle & the bedroom, but will either survive the darkness?

Get ready for the HEAT because the scenes between these two are HOT! Aden is the very definition of "sex-on-a-stick" and surprise, surprise: a bit of a dom! And my, my . . . it seems our Sid likes it a little "dirty"! What a great story! A Page Burner! A Must Read! I can't wait to continue the series.

My Rating:  5 Dark, Damaged, Dominant 's . . . And that's the truth!

Cross My Heart . . . xxx



Uma Shankari said...

Wow I should get on with this series! I've only read Raphael and I remember I liked it a lot :) Definitely got to read the rest! Great Review!


Sandra Hoover said...

Thanks, Uma! This series definitely gets better & better, I think. The last two have been outstanding!

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