Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Concrete Blonde Review

Title:  The Concrete Blonde
Series:  Harry Bosch #3
Author:  Michael Connelly
Publisher:  Grand Central Publishing
Release Date:  Feb. 1, 2007

My Rating:  5 Riveting 's


In this classic from a #1 "New York Times" bestselling author, Detective Harry Bosch thought he'd stopped the serial killer known as the Dollmaker. Now the dead man's widow is suing Harry and the LAPD for shooting the wrong man--an accusation that rings true when a new victim is discovered with the Dollmaker's macabre signature.


Four years after killing Norman Church, aka The Dollmaker, Harry Bosch is being sued for wrongful death by the man’s wife. As Harry defends his actions, another victim’s body is recovered and this one was murdered after the death of The Dollmaker killer casting doubt on Harry’s case. Harry knows it’s looking bad for him. Did he make a mistake? Or is there another explanation?

The Concrete Blonde is the perfect blend of suspense and police procedural with a touch of romance on the side. Part of the story plays out in the courtroom, revealed through testimonies and Harry’s minefield of thoughts as he filters through all the evidence and possible scenarios, both past and present, contemplating what he is missing. A compelling maze of twists and turns, the story is riveting – a true thriller from cover to cover. And while the investigation and case are top-notch, it’s the character development that I loved most. I finished this book feeling a more intimate connection with Harry – a feeling of knowing more about what makes him tick, why he acts and reacts as he does in both personal and professional situations. Hands down, The Concrete Blonde is my favorite of the Harry Bosch series thus far. Intense, emotional, fascinating from beginning to end. A Must Read!

My Rating:  5 Riveting 's . . . And that's the truth!

Cross My Heart . . . xxx

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