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Storm Front Review

Title:  Storm Front
Series:  The Dresden Files #1
Author:  Jim Butcher
Format:  Audio
Publisher:  Buzzy Multimedia (Audio)
Release Date:  (Audio) June 10, 2009

My Rating:  4 Stormy, Magical 's



Lost Items Found. Paranormal Investigations. Consulting. Advice. Reasonable Rates. No Love Potions, Endless Purses, or Other Entertainment.

Harry Dresden is the best at what he does. Well, technically, he's the only at what he does. So when the Chicago P.D. has a case that transcends mortal creativity or capability, they come to him for answers. For the "everyday" world is actually full of strange and magical things—and most don't play well with humans. That's where Harry comes in. Takes a wizard to catch a—well, whatever.

There's just one problem. Business, to put it mildly, stinks. So when the police bring him in to consult on a grisly double murder committed with black magic, Harry's seeing dollar signs. But where there's black magic, there's a black mage behind it. And now that mage knows Harry's name. And that's when things start to get interesting.

Magic. It can get a guy killed.


Well, it's official . . . I have now met Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden - Wizard (yes, a real one - it says so right there in the phone book), Private Investigator (one whose business is very slow), & Police Consultant (specializing in unusual, supernatural type cases).  Was I impressed?  Oh yeah - Harry is an impressive character - unique, protective, dedicated, socially awkward (especially with women), humorous in a snide, self-deprecating kind of way - a man/wizard with a heart and the stoic determination to do things the "right" way by following the laws of the White Counsel.  Unfortunately, the White Council believes Harry may be breaking their laws, and they are hot on his trail.

I will say that Storm Front was slow reading (listening) for me the first half of the book.  While I found it entertaining to a certain degree, the action bogged down as the author laid the foundation for this world, and I struggled a little getting a handle on everything & everyone.  That is not unusual for the first book in an Urban Fantasy series, but I did find myself wondering why so many people sing the praises of Harry Dresden & these books.  As time went on, I became more comfortable with narrator James Marster's voice (although his "breathing" continued to bother me) and thus settled in and enjoyed the story. 

I'm not going to rehash Storm Front with a play by play commentary.  It's a good introduction to the series, I think.  The characterizations are outstanding and carry the plot forward in an entertaining and often humorous manner.  The latter half of the book is fast paced with nonstop action as all the pieces come together.  Early in the book, I was feeling a rating of "3" would be generous, and thus I was surprised to find myself racing through the second half to find out what happened.  What began as a slightly mundane so-so read for me suddenly turned magical!  Good start to the series - A Must Read!

My Rating:  4 Stormy, Magical 's . . . And that's the truth!

Cross My Heart . . . xxx


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