Monday, August 18, 2014

Introducing the Stage Dive Rock Stars...

David - Lead Guitar
Mal - Drummer

Presenting the members of the rock group, Stage Dive:  David, Mal, Jimmy, & Ben - Sinfully sexy, badass, rock gods!  Work hard, Play harder!

David is the rock god of Stage Dive- long hair, tattoos, screaming guitar & a body sculptured to make women beg!  And they do...groupies line up for a chance to be with him after every show.    In Lick, we learn that moody David is also a sweetheart just looking for his chance at "normal".  He meets Evelyn, aspiring architect though she doesn't remember why.  She is sassy, spunky, a normal "not size 4" woman who goes to Vegas to celebrate her 21st birthday & wakes up married to "the rock god" himself.  Not only does she not remember it, she wants out!  Can you imagine that?  David can't!   Hidden emotions & feelings, miscommunications, & interference by people with ulterior motives set them on a rocky course to love.  Awesome story!  4 Beautiful ♥♥♥♥'s

Mal is the drummer extraordinaire of Stage Dive - He is sinfully sexy, arrogant, funny, peacekeeper of the group, & in need of a real pretend girlfriend.  Why would this beautiful man need a "pretend girlfriend" when thousands of screaming groupies would die for a chance to be with him?  Read the book! :)   Mal hides behind a humongous ego & humor, hiding something that is tearing him apart.  Along comes Anne, giving him those "crazy eyes", and he likes that she only looks at him that way.  Jimmy surprises her by moving into her apartment & then - her heart.  Let the games begin!  Be sure to have some tissue & be prepared to laugh & cry while reading Play.  Loved it!  4 Beautiful ♥♥♥♥'s

Jimmy - Lead Singer

Ben - Book 2015
Jimmy is the gorgeous Lead singer of Stage Dive - He is a badass, no doubt about it.  Jimmy gets what Jimmy wants - booze, drugs, women - in an endless supply.  He is moody, scary, & a tortured soul in need of someone who will stand up to him & say NO!  Jimmy doesn't believe in real love...he knows there is no such thing as happy ever after in life.  After threats of being kicked out of the group, Jimmy goes through rehab and hires Lena as his assistant/babysitter.  Lena is a take no shit professional who refuses to fall for Jimmy's antics.  It's her job to help him stay clean while keeping things all business between them.  Big task!  Unrequited love is a bitch but Lena can't stop herself from falling under Jimmy's spell.  What ensues is a story of love, angst, denial, loss, & facing up to the consequences of your actions.  Lead is my favorite to date - filled with witty banter & sexy innuendos, as two people live together while keeping up the façade of not being in love.  A must read!  4 Beautiful ♥♥♥♥'s
Ben is Bass guitarist of Stage Dive - I am so anxious to read his story, Deep, scheduled to be released in January, 2015.  Will Ben & Lizzy finally get together??  I promise to come back & update this page after reading his story!

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