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Serendipity Book Review


It’s a dog eat dog world for Ava Martinez. On the surface her life seems charmed – beauty, brains, a successful veterinary practice – but Ava harbors a secret. And one rash act on a foggy night threatens to destroy it all. The niece of one of the most ruthless crime lords in the country, Ava has lived her life as an unwilling pawn in her uncle’s illegal game. When Ava accidentally stumbles upon an unknown man lying unconscious in the trunk of a car – a man destined for death at the hands of her uncle’s men – she risks her life to get him to safety and to thwart her uncle’s nefarious scheme. Little does she know that lifting the lid of that trunk will be like opening Pandora’s box. When Assistant District Attorney Jordan Wellington – the man she rescued – brings his dog to the door of her veterinary clinic, she does her best to thwart his amorous intentions, but fate has a different idea. When a walk in the park, a friend’s blind date, seemingly everything throws them together, the normally strong-willed Ava finds herself irrevocably drawn into a seductive and deadly game. Because if Jordan ever regains his memory of that night, both of their lives could be in danger.

My Review:

I wasn't sure what I would discover when I opened the cover of Serendipity.  Certainly, I expected some romance and suspense.  What I discovered was a delightful story of a man and woman who meet in the worse of circumstances - he doesn't even remember what happened or meeting her, when they meet again later.  I found this book to be incredibly romantic and witty as the dashing Asst. District Attorney, Jordan Wellington, meets (for the second time) and pursues Ava Martinez, a Veterinarian and niece to a Crime Lord.  Jordan doesn't remember Ava rescuing him from the trunk of a car where her uncle's goons had left him until they could finish him off.  He falls hard for Ava as she fights to resist the very handsome ADA.  But fate has other plans. 

Ava is a strong, feisty heroine with a lot of spunk who is making it on her own.  She has loved and lost in the past as a result of her less than desirable family ties.  She shored up her heart after that relationship disaster and vowed never to trust or love another man...never to risk her heart or endanger another person by exposing them to retaliation for her secrets.   But that was before she dragged Jordan out of that car trunk and looked into his eyes. 

Jordan is everything a hero should be...gorgeously alpha male with a beautiful smile and heart.  He doesn't remember Ava rescuing him because of the hit on his head.  When he rescues a dog in the park and takes him to the vet, he meets Ava.  I loved Jordan's persistence in pursuing Ava, in spite of her constant brush offs, and his sense of humor.  The banter between these two is both funny and romantic.  The dynamics of their family backgrounds is a major difference standing between them - perfect loving family vs. broken mob related family.  Jordan is determined to pursue the relationship & Ava doesn't believe she can have a happy ever after.  She is carrying secrets & knows that if Jordan remembers what happened that night, both their lives will be in danger.

There are some great secondary characters in Serendipity also.  I loved sassy, eccentric, funny Lou Ellen.  She is Ava's friend and landlord and simply outrageous.  Lou Ellen backs down from no one and more than once, she takes on the goons sent to watch Ava and sends them packing.  Great secondary character!

The suspense in the book does take a backseat to the romance.  I felt it was well-written but would have enjoyed a little more of the suspense side.  Ava fears retaliation from her Uncle against her, and those she loves, throughout the book.  There is also a murder mystery to solve.  I felt that side was wrapped up a bit too quickly at the end and would have enjoyed a more in depth resolution.  But it doesn't distract from this being a solid 4 heart read for me.  Romance/Suspense/Humor - A perfect trio!  I look forward to continuing the series.

Ratings:  4 Beautiful ♥♥♥♥'s...And that's the truth!

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