Friday, November 1, 2013

Nightfall Book Review


Roarke is in love with Mr. Wrong.

His name is Richard Tiernan. He is deadly handsome, darkly brilliant, and devastatingly attractive to women. He has been convicted of killing his wife, and his children have disappeared. Now he wants to make Cassidy the latest victim of his powers of seduction and secret agenda.

Cassidy knows all this. But still she chooses to surrender her heart and soul to a lover whose reasons for wanting her are as mysterious as the violent act that branded his a murderer. Cassidy is his now, to do with what he he leads her through a labyrinth of desire that is her only path to the terrifying truth.

My Review:

Nightfall was my introduction to the book world of Anne Stuart, and I'm now a fan.  From the very first page through the last page, I lived in this world of dark, psychotic madness, sucked in so deep that I was unable to let go.  I had to keep turning pages, desperately trying to find out the truth about Richard Tiernan, convicted (he confessed) of taking a butcher knife and brutally murdering his pregnant wife, and suspected in the deaths of his two young children who have disappeared as well as his former lover.  Then we meet insecure, innocent, boring Cassidy Roarke, sacrificed by her own father as he will do anything to write his next bestseller - even make a deal with the devil.  His deal is to deliver his daughter to Richard in exchange for the exclusive rights to write his story, but why does the dark, moody, manipulative, dangerous  Richard want Cassidy?  What is he looking for?  Richard is out of jail on appeal and living with Cassidy's father when her father suddenly calls her home.  Cassidy returns home, walking into an empty house...empty except for a convicted murderer who is lurking and waiting for her in the shadows.  And thus the mind games begin.  

Richard has a master plan...Cassidy needs to figure out what it is in order to survive.  Along the road to discovering all the horrific truths, she falls in love with a man who will be put to death in three months...a man who refuses to fight his death sentence...a man who both terrifies her and yet draws her to him like a moth to a flame.  She knows she will lose everything - her heart, her soul, her sanity and possibly her life if she doesn't run and so she tries...time and time again.  But her heart and soul will not allow her to resist the magnetic pull he has on her.  Richard has nothing and yet everything to lose.  He wants Cassidy like he's never wanted or needed another woman...but for what?  What is his mysterious plan for her?  This is a book of mind games...and nothing is as it seems.  Anne Stuart has crafted a story of murder, lies, deceit and guilt and intertwined it with a story of  love, desire, truth, and strong characters who are pushed to their absolute limit.  A must read for lovers of romance/suspense.  This book goes on my Favorites List!

Rating:  5 Gorgeous ♥♥♥♥♥'s...And that's the truth!

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