Monday, September 24, 2018

Picture Perfect Cowboy Review

Title:  Picture Perfect Cowboy
Series: Original Sinners #10
Author:  Tiffany Reisz
Publisher:  8th Circle Press
Release Date:  Nov. 5, 2018
Purchase Link:  Amazon

My Rating:  4 Picture Perfect Hearts

Many thanks to the author & publisher for an arc of this book.

Jason "Still" Waters' life looks perfect from the outside—money, fame, and the words "World Champion Bull- Rider" after his name. But Jason has a secret, one he never planned on telling anybody...until he meets Simone. She's the kinky girl of his dreams...and his conservative family's worst nightmare. 

Picture Perfect is a perfect blend of sweet, sexy, sassy, and naughty!  Jason "Still" Waters, former World Champion Bull Rider, now leads a quiet, lonely life on a horse farm in Kentucky.  Raised a true, conservative gentleman, he struggles to keep a tight rein on his darker desires . . . until he meets Simone, a quirky, pink-haired photographer (think naked men + calendars!) and a pro-sub and "sub" sub (think Soren!).  Simone is sweet, loving, giving, and confident in her own skin.  She knows who she is and what she wants and has no qualms about going after it.  When their paths cross at a calendar shoot, sparks fly - each recognizing something in the other that causes Jason's darker fantasies to roar to life as he considers whether he can take what he wants and still be a "good" man.  He didn't fear climbing on the back of a pissed-off bull dead set on goring him to death, but can he accept the consequences of coming out of the closet as a Dominant? Including losing his family's respect?

Picture Perfect is a story of self-awareness and acceptance of ones self - of giving yourself permission to explore your own sexuality freely without worry of condemnation by others.  The plot line isn't complicated, but it delivers an encouraging message of hope, love, and peace that comes with embracing ones inner self and finding the strength to overcome fear of adversity.  As always, Reisz delivers a story that sizzles with sexual chemistry and desire, but more than that, she opens the door to the heart and soul of these two characters and invites readers in to witness first-hand their inner struggles and turmoil.  An appearance by two of the OS masters, Soren & Nora, is sure to delight fans of the series as will the bonus short story "Flogging 101" with a lesson in flogging-done-right delivered by Soren. This is "light" erotica at its best served up with a healthy side of romance and humor!  A Must Read!

My Rating:  4 Picture Perfect Hearts . . . And that's the truth!

Cross My Heart . . . xxx


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