Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Silent Review

Title:  The Silent
Series:  Irin Chronicles #5
Author:  Elizabeth Hunter
Release Date:  July 28, 2017

My Rating:  4 Epic Hearts

*Many thanks to the author for an arc of The Silent.


They are called kareshta, the silent ones.
But the silent are waking.

Kyra has lived her life in the shadow of a powerful Grigori brother. She’s ignored her own desires for the good of her family, but an unexpected request from Thailand sends her on a mission that could change her life and alter the fate of free Grigori all over the world. Sons of the Fallen hidden in the mountains of Thailand have adapted an ancient human magic for their own purposes. Will this practice bring peace or lead to even greater danger for the Irin race?

A simple diplomatic mission sends Leo to Bangkok, but he didn’t expect to see a familiar face in surveillance photographs. He’s tried everything to drive Kyra from his mind, since he was convinced the gentle kareshta wanted to hide from the world. How did she turn up halfway across the globe, living with Grigori who may or may not be Irin allies?

Leo has bided his time. He’s given Kyra her space.

But this scribe is ready to hear a kareshta sing.

THE SILENT is a romantic fantasy, and the fifth book in the Irin Chronicles series.


Elizabeth Hunter is a master at creating an IMAX type experience in each of her books. The sights, sounds, feels, and smells of each setting/region are brought to life by her beautiful writing, surrounding the reader and transporting them into the heart of her story, characters, and world through scenes vibrating with life.  I find myself completely immersed in her stories, surrounded by characters that entice me to laugh, cry, love, explore, and battle by their side.  And after finishing each book, just like leaving a movie theatre after a great movie, I relish the satisfaction of having just finished another spellbinding read that leaves me begging for the next one.

The Silent is a story of hope, a story of a future ripe with possibilities for so many - the Irin, the Kareshta, and yes, even the Grigori.  Their past is intertwined and laden with betrayal and mistrust, but if they are to prosper and grow, they must learn to co-exist peacefully - to trust, to accept, to have the courage to let the past go and move forward together to defeat their common enemy.  Is it possible?

At long last, readers get Leo and Kyra's story.  A relationship that seems impossible - a kareshta and an Irin warrior?  No way it will ever be accepted.  But sometimes, fate steps in to lend a helping hand.  Once again, this couple finds themselves in the same place at the same time - each on a mission for their people, each surprised to see the other.  There's no denying the attraction sizzling between them, even as danger and evil rears its ugly head.  Leo is an Irin warrior in every sense of the word, and yet there is an air of innocence about him that I adore.  He radiates goodness even as he steams full speed ahead to claim the woman who stars in his erotic dreams.  Kyra emerges from her cocoon much like a butterfly, spreading her wings to fly solo for the first time - laying claim to her independence as she accepts and embraces the full extent of her magic.  In the beginning, they reminded me of awkward, inexperienced, lovesick teenagers but awkwardness soon disappears as passion takes over.  Whew!  Suffice it to say, this may be the most erotic Irin Chronicles book yet!

The Silent is an intriguing, heart-felt story that focuses a great deal on character/relationship development, in turn enhancing an intense plot line that carries the series story arc ahead by leaps and bounds.  A strong, unique support cast introduces some new, promising characters along with a few from the past.  An epic story, The Silent would play out in an explosion of color across an IMAX screen complete with surround sound.  One can only hope!  Another great addition to the series!  A must read!

My Rating:  4 Epic Hearts . . . And that's the truth!

Cross My Heart . . . xxx


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