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Prince of Power (House of Terriots Book 2) Review

Title:  Prince Of Power
Series:  House of Terriot #2 - By Moonlight Spin Off Series
Author:  Nancy Gideon
Release Date:  Feb. 27, 2017
Order Link:  Amazon

My Rating:  5 Sexy, Obsessive 's

My Thoughts:  Hold on to your heart (& panties), Ladies . . . The Terriot Princes are back!

*It was my pleasure to be a BetaReader for this book.

Obsessed with an enemy - the only female to ever walk away from him . . .

Colin . . . Prince in the House of Terriot

Brawny, cynical negotiator for his clan, Colin Terriot sees a move to New Orleans as an escape from a painful past and his reputation as a legendary lover. What he didn't expect was to fall hard for a rival spy, the female who tricked and betrayed him by leaving his bed for his brother's. Now, he now must work with her, up close and personal, as the envoy for her clan. Things are about to heat up.

Determined to have him - even if having him means losing all . . .

Mia . . . Strong-willed Guedry heir

Denied her rightful legacy, Mia Guedry plans to stake her claim over the bodies of those who killed her family. But best laid plans fall before her desire for the one male she can't resist, the one who will never trust her once burned by her necessary deceptions. Saving her Terriot prince from plans already in motion may cost more than her inheritance . . . the price could be her life.


Obsession: a persistent disturbing preoccupation with an idea or feeling

Colin Terriot is a man obsessed.  One of the nine remaining princes of the House of Terriots, he has moved to New Orleans as a negotiator for his King, his clan.  As such, he finds himself once again facing his biggest obsession - the lovely but deadly representative of the Guedry clan, Mia Guedry.  The images of her in his bed haunt him . . . but then, so do the images of her in his brother Rico's bed.  Colin knows the heartbreak of betrayal - by Mia as she plays brother against brother, by the mother & family that drove him out of his home as a young boy, by the King he would give his life for. He knows he can never have more than a romp in the hay with Mia, but that doesn't stop him from wanting to make her his own in a more permanent manner.  Will Colin's obsession be the death of him?

Revenge: to inflict harm or injury in return for a wrong

Mia Guedry is a woman looking for revenge.  She's on a mission to claim her rightful place at the head of the Guedry clan.  To do so, Mia has to prove herself tough enough, cold enough to commit the ultimate crime.  She needs information and is willing to do whatever it takes to get it - even sleeping with the enemy while playing brother against brother.  Mia can't afford to go all soft & gooey over the man who steals her breath - the prince she desires more than any other.  The Terriots killed her family. It's up to her to avenge them.  Will her betrayal cost Colin his life?

Prince Of Power is a powerful story of obsession, betrayal, and revenge.  Time is running out for Colin to uncover the traitor living within the House of Terriots.  Time is also running out for Mia to claim the Guedry throne.  All hell breaks loose in New Orleans as age old enemies clash.  Who will be left standing when the dust settles?  Will there ever be a time for Colin & Mia?

Intricately woven plot lines and complex characters carry Prince Of Power to a block buster revelation and ending.  Hearts are broken as betrayals and ulterior motives are disclosed. Fans will love the strong support cast featuring old favorites like Max and Silas from the By Moonlight series representing their clans.  Things are heating up in New Orleans in more ways than one as once again, the Terriot princes strut their stuff while loving, fighting, drinking, dancing, and stealing hearts.  Hold onto your heart (& panties, Ladies) . . . The Terriot princes are back!  Prince Of Power is another Page Burning Must Read!

My Rating:  5 Sexy, Obsessive 's . . . And that's the truth!

Cross My Heart . . . xxx


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