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Willing Victim Review

Title:  Willing Victim
Author:  Cara McKenna
Publisher:  Cara mcKenna
Release Date:  July 8, 2016

My Rating:  4 Fight or Flight 's

The 2010 cult hit, remastered and re-released!

For the past couple years Laurel’s been coasting, hiding in the backseat while her life drifts off course. Then one summer afternoon a tall, built bruiser named Flynn strides in and steers her straight into an infatuation she never saw coming.

Flynn introduces Laurel to things she’s never imagined—to the violent but exciting realm of the underground boxing circuit, to rough sex and even rougher role-playing, and to an attraction she craves even as it intimidates her. As Flynn invites her deeper into his world and his life, Laurel has to make a choice—let fear keep her holed up where it’s safe, or take a chance and fight for the man who makes her feel more alive than she’d dreamed possible.

Reader Advisory: This book contains consensual but intense rape role-playing scenes that some may find upsetting.

Laurel & Flynn meet in a park when he intervenes in an argument between a couple that is getting aggressive.  Laurel is immediately attracted to Flynn as she's never been to another.  So much so that she asks him out on the spot - and he says "No", but issues her an invitation to come check out a club and then let him know if she's still interested.  Laurel shows up at the club and is escorted downstairs where she sees Flynn kiss another woman just before climbing into the underground boxing ring.  His eyes hypnotize and hold Laurel captive - issuing an unspoken challenge.  What is it about this gorgeous male that draws her like a moth to a flame?  Later that night, Laurel will learn exactly what Flynn wants/needs/craves.  Question is can she give it to him?

Willing Victim is not your typical insta-love romance.  It is raw, dirty, erotic, and hotter than h*ll.  In the beginning, Flynn comes across rough, brash, and a bit condescending with his take it or leave it attitude, but by the end, through great writing and character development, the many layers of Flynn are peeled back revealing a softer, gentler side of this man.  Impossible to resist, he is sporting one hot, sculpted, hard, beautiful body, and Laurel desires it more than her next breath.  Flynn stirs feelings in her that she's never acknowledged before - igniting a burning desire in her for something she didn't realize she wanted or needed.  He's willing to give it to her, but he won't take it from her unless she asks.  What they discover when they come together is a desire for something more.

My only issue with this book is that it's only 132 pages.  Don't get me wrong - the author packs a lot of story into these few pages.  But selfishly, I wanted more!  The character relationship development is outstanding, flawlessly woven throughout the book as Flynn & Laurel go from strangers to f*ck buddies to lovers to something more.  While some may find the subject matter taboo, it is always clear that the sex is consensual - something that both characters desire to give & receive.  Willing Victim is unique, erotic, raw, and yet sensual - overflowing with emotion.  A Page Burner!  A Must Read!

My rating:  4 fight or flight 's . . . And that's the truth!

Cross My Heart . . . xxx

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