Friday, January 29, 2016

Reckless & Real Series


Series:  Reckless & Real
Author:  Lexi Ryan

My Rating:  4 Too Hot To Handle ♥'s...for each book

Reckless & Real is a series I recently picked up due to a friend's recommendation.  I needed a break from some of the longer, heavier books I read and felt like this just might do the trick!  I was right!  These books are not too long in length, however; don't mistake that to mean they aren't great reads.  I was sucked into the story immediately and ended up on a binge read of the series.  It's simple to say they are hot, erotic reads . . . but that doesn't tell you about the very intense, complicated story line playing out across these three books.  While I didn't have time to review each of the books individually, I did write a spoiler-free review of Book 3, Something Real.  It gives you the drift of the story line.  

Something Real Review:

You'll need to batten down the hatches & hold on to your hats to make it through Something Real.  A shot of whiskey & a cold shower may also help.  To say this book is a tangled web of lies, deceit, family trauma, and heartache is an understatement.  Sam & Lizzy have been through it all and found their way back to one another a few times.  They have explosive sexual chemistry - there's no denying that.  They ignite the bedroom and every other place imaginable.  It's the relationship part they can't seem to get right.  Throw in politics, family expectations, small town gossips, deceit, and a whole lot of unforeseen manipulation and a happy ever after is d*mn near impossible.  Something Real was a wild ride - erotic, intense, painful, heartbreaking and yet somehow, still managed to instill me with hope.  What a great ending to Sam & Lizzy's story!  A Page Burner!

My Rating:  4 sizzling & heart-touching 's . . . And that's the truth!

Cross My Heart . . . xxx

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