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Written In Red Review


No one creates realms like New York Times bestselling author Anne Bishop. Now in a thrilling new fantasy series, enter a world inhabited by the Others, unearthly entities—vampires and shape-shifters among them—who rule the Earth and whose prey are humans.

As a cassandra sangue, or blood prophet, Meg Corbyn can see the future when her skin is cut—a gift that feels more like a curse. Meg’s Controller keeps her enslaved so he can have full access to her visions. But when she escapes, the only safe place Meg can hide is at the Lakeside Courtyard—a business district operated by the Others.

Shape-shifter Simon Wolfgard is reluctant to hire the stranger who inquires about the Human Liaison job. First, he senses she’s keeping a secret, and second, she doesn’t smell like human prey. Yet a stronger instinct propels him to give Meg the job. And when he learns the truth about Meg and that she’s wanted by the government, he’ll have to decide if she’s worth the fight between humans and the Others that will surely follow.

My Review:

Fantasy is not my genre of choice...not my "go to" genre when I'm looking for my next great read.  I've read a few good fantasies and am always open to book recommendations but I don't generally seek it out.  When Written in Red won the poll for March Monthly Read in one of my Goodreads groups, I thought, "Okay...I'll give it a fair shake & see what happens."  What happened was I freakin' loved it!  I was captivated and mesmerized by this book & cast of characters.  It's just that good!

I really like the fact that Anne Bishop doesn't take up 1/3 of the book building the fantasy world.  After a brief prologue, you get the drift of the world through the characters eyes as you read.  And what a cast of characters!  Humans vs. The Others which includes a wide range of shifters (wolves, grizzlies, crows, hawks, cougars), vampires, & Elementals - beautifully written characters so real that I could not only feel their emotions...I could see them jump off the page as the visuals in this book are outstanding.  It's not just the author's description of these's the way she brings them to life.  You can "see", "feel", & "hear" them throughout the story - hell, you can even "smell" them.  They live and breathe on the pages and literally leap out at you!  My heart raced through much of this book while I also chuckled outloud at some of the humorous banter, especially between Meg & Simon.  It is hard to talk about individual characters without giving away spoilers.  Meg is a human running for her life.  Simon is a wolf shifter who grants her immunity to live hidden among the Others, where human law does not apply.  Not everyone welcomes her there as her presence puts the whole community in danger of attack.  The cast of supporting characters is unbelievable and yet you will be convinced that every one of them could & does exist!

The synopsis doesn't begin to describe the depth and feeling of Written In Red.  There is an ominous feel all the way through, danger to the MC but you're not immediately sure of the source.  You know she is running from her Controller but who is it?  Was she safer with him than with the Others...these Creatures who prize humans as meat?!  What are the unseen dangers?  What do her prophesy visions mean?  Has she seen her own death?  The suspense in this book is high all the way actually reminds me of an old horror movie where the ominous music gets louder and louder as the danger increases.  By halfway through Written In Red, my heart was thumping as I couldn't turn the pages fast enough to find out what was going to happen.  This author does an excellent job of building anticipation all the way through to the block-buster ending that belongs on the big screen!

Although a little slow in the beginning, I was soon swept into the fantasy world of Written In Red.  If there is such a thing as Fantasy Suspense...then this is it.  And you know how I love my suspense!  I am surprised but happy to say that I loved this book and can't wait to read Murder of Crows, the second book in The Others series, as Anne Bishop left just enough unanswered questions to set it up.  This is a must read for lovers of the Fantasy genre...& also for fans of paranormal and suspense.  It is going on my Favorites & Addictive Reads shelves!  It takes a special book to earn 5 hearts from me but I can't give this one anything less.  A Must Read!

Rating:  5 Gorgeous  ♥♥♥♥♥'s...And that's the truth!

Cross My



"Did you open the front door?" Simon asked, fishing in a drawer for the office keys.  Finding them on the counter next to the phone, he picked them up and took a step toward the Private door.

"No, I didn't open the door.  There was a Wolf in the way!"

He stopped and studied her.  Gave the air a little sniff.  "You're acting strange.  Is it that time of the month?"

She shrieked.  His human ears flattened in a way human ears shouldn't, and he backed away from her.
♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥   

"What happens if he bites a delivery man?"

"That'll depend on whether he's hungry."

She wanted to say, Ha Ha.  Very funny.  But she was pretty sure he wasn't joking.
♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥

Humans often said payback was a bitch.  Well, Winter was looking for payback.

Having survived the results when Winter was in full temper, he almost felt sorry for the humans.  Almost.
♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥

"Is there some kind of rule for when Sam should be a boy and when he's a Wolf?" Meg asked.

"A Wolf lifts his leg and yellows up snow.  A boy has to use the toilet, Simon replied.

"And that will work?"

"Only if he needs to pee."   

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