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Chased By Moonlight Book Review


She's sleeping with the enemy.  Mixing business with pleasure gets more complicated for Detective Charlotte Caissie when her preternatural lover, Max Savoie, is accused of a high-profile murder.  To prove him innocent she must distance herself, but her tangled emotions don't make it easy for her to stay away.  And neither does Max.
He's desperate to uncover his past.
Left in charge of a criminal empire and protector of a clan of shadowy shape-shifters, Max walks a precarious line.  Can he believe the cunning stranger who claims he can teach Max what he needs to know to stay alive?  A conman who would betray anyone to make a profit, who may be a ruthless killer?
Together, they're tempting fate.
The harder Cee Cee fights to clear Max's name, the more he pushes her away.  He's protecting a dark truth that could blow the top off her investigation.  And that means hiding his motives and lying to a woman who values truth above all.  The woman who can save him . . . if he'll let her!

My Review
Max Savoie is now the head of Legere's Crime Organization, and Charlotte Caissie is still a New Orleans Police Detective in charge of two murder investigations that hit way too close to home for her.  One - they are a revolting reminder of the nightmare she endured at the hands of Legere's goons as an innocent teenager and two - the man she is sleeping with is the number one suspect...again!  Cee Cee's career is on the line.  Her priorities are being questioned.  How can she clear Max Savoie without compromising her job and everything she believes in?  There's only one way.  She must leave him and stay away from him until she finds the real murderer.  But will leaving him be the very thing that tears them apart for good?

Max finds himself leader of the biggest crime organization in the city with little idea of how to run it and hold on to the woman he has loved as long as he can remember.  He finally has a chance to have Charlotte but someone is framing him for horrific murders.  Murders that could only be committed by one of his own kind - a shapeshifter.  Max has also discovered he is not alone - there is a underworld of shifters living in New Orleans and they are looking to Max to lead and protect them.  There is also an ominous stranger lurking around who may hold the key to Max's past and future, but he will sell anything for a dollar...including Max.  As Max learns of the danger that is close to engulfing him and the city, he vows to do whatever it takes to keep Cee Cee safe - even if it means pushing her away from him. 

Forces are at work that threaten to tear Max & Cee Cee's fragile relationship apart forever.  They are in a battle for their lives, their relationship, their love...Do they trust each other enough?  Is love enough?  Book 2 of the By Moonlight series is even better than the first!  Readers are drawn deeper into the shifter world of Max Savoie and the woman he loves.  I could not put Chased By Moonlight down.  It is a book that will keep you turning the pages late into the night.  A must read!  Loved it!

Rating:  5 Gorgeous ♥♥♥♥♥'s  And that's the truth!

Cross My


 "You mean right now?"  His voice rumbled like the take off of a 747.  More than his interest began to rise, and his smile spread slow and sure.  "It won't be a dry heat, sha."
Her smile was a naughty little curve of promise.  "Hot, wet, and all night was what I had in mind.  How's that sound to you, Savoie?"
"I love you, Charlotte."
♥      ♥      ♥      ♥     ♥      ♥      ♥
"Don't make this harder than it has to be," she warned shakily.
His eyes crinkled with wicked amusement.  "It can't be much harder than it already is."
♥      ♥      ♥      ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥
"Max, Max, hold me.  Don't let go."
"I won't, sha.  I won't ever let you go!"
♥      ♥      ♥      ♥      ♥       ♥      ♥   
"I already have all the woman I want."
LaRoche shrugged.  "But she's not of us.  What she doesn't know won't hurt her.  A shame to waste such a delightful perk of being what you are."
"What I'd be is dead meat."
"She keeps you on a short chain, my friend."
Max admitted the truth without shame.  "It's one I have no desire to escape."
♥      ♥      ♥      ♥      ♥      ♥      ♥
"I need you, Charlotte.  I need you like air, like light.  Without you there's only darkness.  There's just emptiness.  Tell me what you want me to do.  I'd wait forever for you.  Just don't tell me you don't want me back."
♥      ♥      ♥      ♥      ♥      ♥      ♥
"Would I step in front of a bullet for you?  Yes.  Would I stand off a room full of angry were-creatures to protect you?  Been there, done that.  Would I tear down the walls of this city with my bare hands to keep you safe?  Without blinking an eye.  Does that frighten you, Savoie?  To know you mean that much to me?"
♥      ♥      ♥      ♥      ♥      ♥      ♥
"Then don't.  Shut up and put out, Savoie."
"You are so romantic, detective."  She chained rough kisses about his neck.  "What if I can't perform under this unexpected pressure?"
Her hand dropped below his belt for an assessing fondle.  "Just my luck.  Appears to be high performance all the way."

"Another dynamic shape-shifter thriller in this series filled with exciting drama and erotic romance. This book will keep your senses alert and the blood pounding."
Fresh Fiction

"Suspenseful! An enjoyable paranormal with many sub plots that made it a fascinating read. Max and Charlotte have a wonderful rapport. This book does an excellent job of building upon the relationship.A fantastic, sexy paranormal series."
Bookaholics Romance Book Club

"Nancy Gideon provides a taut paranormal whodunit that captures the full attention of readers who will look forward to more investigations starring Beauty and the Beast.  Five Star!"
The Romantic Post

"In the second release in her compelling Moonlight series, Gideon does a terrific  job with her world-building as her characters and readers discover dark and hidden secrets."
RT Book Reviews

"Nancy Gideon has created a believable magical world where supernatural beings live and love amongst unsuspecting humans. An original approach, cleverly imaginative and entirely conceivable. An outstanding romance overflowing with emotional issues and innovative supernatural elements. 4.5 Stars!"
Single Titles

"We've fallen back in love with Nancy Gideon!  We're hooked."
Rendezvous, The Romance Bookstore

"A very unique series. The characters are strong, the story dark and twisty. Cee and Max are the sort of couple one wants to read about more than once. One can see them really grow and their relationship deepen. It was a pleasant change. Max's search for information about his background combined with the murder investigation plot, make for a very action-packed novel."
All About Romance

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